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"In 2057, a Terran astronaut came back from a mission on an alien spaceship. He could never prove that his story was true, but he had brought back a fragment from a Black Cube never seen before, and emitting strange radiations. The Terran space center (CSE) classified this discovery as top secret. After this event, several people were gathered by a government agency, and placed on a ship bound for Terra's neighboring planet, Mapk, and more specifically for its blue moon: Ytria. They were all working for the Lucium laboratory, and their researches were leaded by your sister, a brilliant scientist. A lot of money was invested in this project. However one year later, you have lost contact with her. It would seem that she and the others have never existed, so you decide to conduct your own investigation..."


  • Explore a moon in full 3D and high resolution graphics, made with Unity
  • Investigate about the researches of your sister, and discover the truth by gathering her diary
  • English voice acting for a better immersion
  • An original soundtrack by Python Blue
  • Discover the secrets of creation of the Blue Matter, a major evolution in the Terran technology
  • Set in the world of the Black Cube series

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