Status Update

After a long summer break is time to continue with the work, but I have some important changes in mind for the development…

There are two important news:

Migration to Unity 2017.1
I have thought about this carefully and finally I have decided to do it. The project was initiated in Unity 5.5 so I think this is the best moment to migrate to the last version of the engine and take advantage of the new features.

Using Adventure Creator for Unity
This is another great quality jump. With this great asset I will be able to implement more features and make the game more complex and rich.

So these are the main changes that I am going to make in the project, as you can see they are very important changes but I hope with this the mechanics and the quality of the game increases considerably.

All this means a lot of new work but I will give my best!

What’s next?
Well, I would like to finish a small demo asap but there are a lot of work learning Adventure Creator (among other things) so I cannot give an estimated date yet.

And this is all for the moment, as you can see there is a lot of good news around Blue Moon!

I will keep you informed of my progress, stay tuned!