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This game has a lot of potential, can't wait till it is done. :-)

Thanks The Mook!


Is this still in development? It looks cool from the screenshots, but doesn't sound like the alpha is really a full playable game yet.

The game was made for a Myst JAM and the development is not finished, but you're right maybe instead of alpha should be called demo.

Thanks for your interest!

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I made a video for my "Let's Try" series featuring your game. Iborea is very beautiful. Here's the link to my video:

Amazing video!

Thanks Jonboy ;-)


Thank you! I wish I could do it more justice. I'll be watching for the full game when it comes out.


That's a stunning work !

I'm exited to follow this project and see the final result.

Thanks for your words!

Stay tuned, soon there will be exciting news...